CAED Frequently Asked Questions

CAED-Specific Questions


What does CAED stand for?

CAED is a frequently used acronym for the College of Architecture and Environmental Design, one of the six colleges within the University.

How many students are there per class for each major?

Class sizes are kept as small as possible to foster student and professor interaction and enhance learning. The average lab/studio class sizes for majors within the CAED are listed below:

  • Architecture: 15-20
  • Architectural Engineering: 15-25
  • City Regional Planning: 20-30
  • Construction Management: 20-30
  • Landscape Architecture: 15-20

How easy is it to switch majors?

Changing your major based on the capacity of the target to accept changed of major. Factors could include majors you were eligible for at the time of admission, your current GPA, and your success in coursework applicable to the target major.

Students who are considering a change of major should fill out the Change of Major form in their student portal. After this information is filled out, they will be contacted by their target department.

Is it possible to double major within the CAED?

Yes it is possible, but uncommon. We encourage students to pursue a master's degree instead of Double major. The CAED departments prepare students by providing professional experience which require a great deal of lab/studio time. For more information contact the CAED Advising Center.

Is it possible to minor in other colleges?

Yes. For information on what minors are available at Cal Poly and how to declare a minor, click here.

What is the incoming average GPA for each major in the CAED?

The information for each major is not available but for the incoming average GPA in the CAED, click here.

What study abroad opportunities are available within each department?

Note: Each year new offerings become available and some may be able to transfer credit across majors. In addition, there are numerous study abroad opportunities that fulfill GE requirements.

Are there part-time jobs on campus?

There are a wide variety of opportunities for on-campus employment from food service to administrative office help. Apply through Mustang Jobs. If you received a Federal Work Study award as part of your financial aid package, those jobs will also be posted on MustangJobs.

How do students get professional internships/jobs?

Cal Poly uses a Career Services Center that includes a CAED assigned counselor, Seth Igarta.

The CAED holds a career fair each year in February where companies come to network with students and discuss job and internship opportunities. There are also some major-specific career fairs throughout the year. Each department website has an online job bulletin that is currently updated. Mustang Jobs is also a valuable resource for finding internships and full-time positions.

Will students be trained to use the CAED Support Shop?

Yes, the students will be trained on how to safely operate the machinery in the shop and tested on all the safety requirements. The Architecture and Architectural Engineering students will be trained their first year. The Landscape Architecture students will be trained during their second year. The Construction Management and City Regional Planning students do not have curriculum requirements to use the shop but are welcome to use it for personal projects. There are two full-time staff members as well as trained student employees available during all shop hours to ensure proper use of the equipment and to provide general assistance.

Cal Poly General Questions


Is Cal Poly on the semester or quarter system?

Cal Poly’s academic calendar follows the quarter system. For a timeline on how the quarter system works, click here.

Should students bring a car?

There are several transportation options other than bringing a personal vehicle. For example, the City bus service, SLO Transit, is free for Cal Poly students.

How do you choose a major?

Each student will have to discover what interests them. There are a lot of exciting majors offered at Cal Poly.

How much do you need to study everyday?

The amount of time studying and working on projects varies per student and major. The Cal Poly recommended study time is 2-3 hours per unit of class. This usually equates to 25-35 hours a week. For information on studying resources offered on campus click here.

How much do you spend for tuition and books/supplies per quarter?

The cost of books and supplies vary by major and by course. The Cal Poly Financial Aid office provides an estimated cost of attendance broken down by expense type.

What is there to do in the San Luis Obispo Area?

San Luis Obispo is a travel destination for many, offering an abundance of fun activities. Check out the SLO Chamber of Commerce website for ideas on where to go and what to do in the area.



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