CAED News Release Procedure

In order to be more strategic and effective in obtaining press attention, the college is implementing a new procedure. This new system starts with requests for generating press releases and news stories to be submitted to department heads so they can determine what should be directed forward.

  1. After receiving department head approval, faculty and departments should submit a completed News Release Form (.doc) to the Advancement Office located in Bldg. 5, Room 312. Department head should be copied on faculty submitted releases.
  2. Advancement office will review and consult with Public Affairs on whether the information should be published in a media release/advisory or if it should be reserved for the college /department website and departmental newsletters.
  3. If it is determined that the information will be used in a media release/advisory the department will be provided with a final draft from Public Affairs prior to publication for approval.
  4. If it is determined that the information should be reserved for college/department websites and departmental newsletters then we will send notification to the department.
  5. Please note media releases/advisories should contain the basic information contained on the attached form. If we receive media inquiries on your release, it would be helpful if you have press packets available at that time.
  6. It is very important for the "contact person" to be available for calls. Public affairs gets very frustrated when a contact is listed that is never at their phone or doesn’t return calls for voicemail messages.

Cal Poly Press Release Guidelines

We want to help you spread the good news about Cal Poly. The information you provide on the form below will be used by Cal Poly Public Affairs in briefs and news releases sent to the media — both on-campus and off-campus media. Remember: All news items sent to off-campus media must be approved and distributed by Public Affairs.

Please submit your information and details at least one month in advance of the date you want your information to go out. Newspaper, radio and TV "calendar of events" sections require event news releases three weeks in advance. Get your information together early!

If your information is about an event (lecture, performance, etc.), remember:

  • Only events open to the general public are eligible for a news release
  • Events open only to students can be publicized through the MyCalPoly portal announcements channel. Visit the announcements channel for instructions on how to submit items.
  • Events open only to faculty and staff can be publicized through Cal Poly Report, the weekly enewsletter for faculty and staff. Departments may submit items to polynews@calpoly.edu with the words "Cal Poly Report" in the subject line.

Good topics for news releases include: regional, state or national awards for student Instructionally Related Activities teams or groups, regional, state, or national awards for faculty and staff members, new academic programs or majors, workshops, seminars and lectures (open to the public) by interesting speakers or on interesting, timely topics, and performances by student groups (orchestras, dance, etc.). News releases will generally be limited to 150 to 200 words and should not include quotes or opinion.

On occasion, extremely newsworthy items may justify a longer news release. If so, Public Affairs will contact you for more information.

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