Welcome to the CAED Advising Center

  Mitra Nafisi                                           Nadine Spingola-Hutton
  Lead Academic Advisor                      Academic Advisor                  

 Mitra Nafisi              Nadine Spingola-Hutton

Email: caedadvising@calpoly.edu
Location: Architecture Building (05), room 210
Phone: 805.756.1325

Walk-in and appointment hours:
Monday-Friday 9 am-4:00 pm

CAED Advising Mission Statement

CAED Advising Center strives to provide its students with effective academic advising in an encouraging atmosphere as they navigate their unique undergraduate professional experiences. Our commitment is to our students and their academic, professional, and future success. We believe in an Open Door Policy to encourage students to utilize the Advising Center without an appointment to discuss any matter of importance they may have.

CAED Advising and Student Resources

The CAED Advising Center provides academic advising and related services as listed below to students in the five majors in the CAED (Architecture, Architectural Engineering, City & Regional Planning, Construction Management and Landscape Architecture).

  • Information on jobs, scholarships, competitions
  • Process student-related forms such as curriculum substitution, course withdrawal, course conflict, change of major, etc.
  • Referral to university resources
  • Review of student's academic record
  • Tutoring information
  • Minors
  • Returning Students
  • Transfer Student
  • General Education and Breadth requirements (GE&B)
  • Information on CAED programs
  • College and University policies and procedures
  • Student Orientation, Advising & Resources Program

Academic Probation

Probation & Disqualification

An undergraduate student is automatically placed on academic probation when his or her grade point average drops below 2.0 for the current term, the Cal Poly cumulative, or the higher education cumulative.

Visit the CAED Academic Probation Page for more information.


Study 25-35 Hours/Week

Study 25-35 hours/week; 2 hours/unit/week

The College of Architecture and Environmental Design Advising Center supports the "Study 25-35 Hours per Week" program.

25-35: What is it?

Academic success is your responsibility, in class and out of class. You must approach your coursework as a 40-50 hour work week.

Study 2 hours/week/unit or 25-35 hours in addition to in class time. Lab/ studio courses sometimes entails additional out-of-class expectations.

Good study habits are the foundation of a successful career at Cal Poly

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