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Client Services

The core value to clients is the ability to provide innovative thinking, a solution-based approach to problems, the use of integrated teams of expertise, access the latest knowledge, test concepts and materials, tailor projects to specific needs. This can be accomplished on a modest cost basis for projects performed, including research and preparation by supervised students.

In addition to the projects developed by affiliated faculty, we link to the outside clients in various ways. First, through fee for service agreements where RCRI is most appropriate to conduct the activity. Second, through grants/contracts that involve faculty and selected groups of students. Third, through grants that merges coursework and faculty with a client-centered problem or task. Fourth, through an agreement to find faculty and students who can address a problem on a materials and expenses cost basis.

An example of these linkages include a local government needing support to mount a Smart Growth process in their area requiring GIS maps, student support for outreach, and analysis of the community input. Another example is putting together a pre-project environmental assessment for a large project area that requires a suitability analysis to be conducted. A third example is applying Integrated Project Delivery techniques to test the cost and time-savings for a set of proposed buildings. This work is conducted in a course where students and faculty from multiple disciplines find multiple solutions.

Consulting services are available for projects that all within the RCRI mission. Consulting service costs are based on the level of personnel involved and do include a fee for overhead. RCRI faculty and professional associates have expertise in all the emphasis areas (see link on web page for more information on the emphasis areas). Contact the RCRI director to discuss your needs.

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