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What is the RCRI?

The Resilient Communities Research Institute (RCRI) in the College of Architecture and Environmental Design (CAED) is an applied research unit devoted to advancing the application of knowledge and practice that improves the quality and safety of the built environment.

The RCRI is a catalyst for creating effective and productive applied research partnerships. The RCRI is where answers to real world questions are formulated, where partnerships with the civil society yield community benefits, and where the next generation of student leaders become involved in research and solutions based design.

What Does The RCRI Do?

The RCRI assembles faculty, supervised students and professional affiliates to work on projects of faculty interest and community and professional need. The RCRI engages in grant/contract supported applied research, fee supported projects, and community service programs. These programs and projects are focused on the built and ecological environments and the factors that shape them. It sponsors educational workshops and provides a variety of reports and presentations that further the activities on behalf of RCRI members and partners. While the quality and safety of California’s built environment is the primary RCRI focus, broader issues of global importance will also be addressed.

We live in a complex and constantly adjusting world. Solutions require collective work and the RCRI uses the collective expertise approach and innovative technology, to answer the questions of how create, maintain and enhance a sustainable built environment.

What Is RCRI's Mission?

The RCRI’s mission is to engage in research activities and technical support in the areas of the design, regeneration, sustainability, and construction of a safe and secure built environment. To accomplish this mission, the RCRI calls upon faculty from the College of Architecture and Environmental Design, students and professional affiliates to carry out mission-related projects.

Now Accepting Seed Grant Proposals

The RCRI is currently accepting faculty proposals for Seed grants. If you are interested in applying for a grant, please download the Call for Proposals (.pdf) for further information.

What Are RCRI’s Emphasis Areas?

The RCRI has expertise in and provides services in four emphasis areas including Sustainable Communities, Innovative Technology, Interdisciplinary Education and Global Engagement.

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