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Architectural Engineering 


The architecturARCEal engineering (ARCE) curriculum, one of the most demanding in the University, prepares the student 

for a professional career in the structural design of buildings. This program is unique in that it goes beyond sound fundamentals of science and mathematics to stress the practical application of interdisciplinary design principles. Through exposure to the other design and construction disciplines, ARCE students develop much-needed abilities for total professional interaction. The program requires skills and aptitudes in mathematics, sciences and deductive thinking. This program affords the student the opportunity to use these rudimentary skills as a basis for the interactive, creative development of a total design concept.


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Graduates finARCHd success not only in the customary roles for design and construction, but also in fields that vary from media animation to manufacturing and from corporate facility management to ecology. Because opportunities in architecture are multi-faceted, the program is intentionally broad - a rich educational foundation from which to design one's role in today's complex world. 

No other college offers so much direct exposure to the other disciplines in the planning, design and construction industry. This occurs through interaction and joint projects among and within the CAED's five departments.

While holistic in scope, the architecture program offers areas of special focus, culminating in an exit-year project that encourages individuality, specialization and technical expertise. The five-year Bachelor of Architecture degree program is accredited by the National Architectural Accreditation Board (NAAB) and is the first professional degree leading to professional registration as an architect.

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City & Regional Planning


City & Regional PlanningThe City and Regional Planning (CRP) curriculum prepares students for professional practice as community planners or as private consultants. Graduates achieve effective, entry-level professional work through applied learning in a studio mode with community-based case studies. 

Through projects involving local communities, both programs build from analytic and design foundations, to create practical applications of communication and computer skills. Emphasis is on collaborative teamwork with practical assignments ranging from formulating city-scale plans to the planning and design of precise residential and commercial projects. Faculty academic and professional backgrounds cover a wide range of planning areas with strong academic support from practicing professionals.

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Construction Management


Construction Management

Professional constructors work in one of the fastest growing areas of national employment. The construction management (CM) curriculum provides students with the foundation of knowledge and skills necessary to work toward leadership roles in the profession. From the department's central place within the CAED, the faculty integrates architectural, engineering and construction principles required for successful competition in today's national and international construction communities.

In addition to basic math and science knowledge and skills, the program initially stresses written and oral communication, natural sciences, social sciences, and the arts and humanities - especially architecture. Throughout the curriculum, construction management stresses theoretical knowledge in both technical and managerial disciplines, current practices and applications of these theoretical principles, disciplined reasoning abilities and excellent communication skills.

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Landscape Architecture 


Landscape Architecture

The Landscape Architecture Department prepares students for professional careers dedicated to the design, planning, and management of landscapes essential to the well-being of a healthy society and natural environment. Graduates are workforce ready and have strong foundations in design, sustainable construction technologies, digital representation, and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Within the curriculum, students engage with real sites and clients throughout California while addressing contemporary issues and problems facing our natural and urban environments.



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