Legacies Courtyard Momentum Builds

Originally constructed in 1979 by architecture students, the courtyard behind the college’s Neel Resource Center and the Berg Gallery has served as an active workplace for thousands of student projects and a gathering place for college events, serving every department in the CAED. But time has taken its toll, and the courtyard is in dire need of renewal to better serve our needs in the future. It is a very special place for the college and an important priority for renovation. It provides a perfect opportunity to Learn by Doing and learn by teaching.
Last spring, Joe Dunstan’s landscape architecture students presented designs for consideration. The jury of faculty and administration identified several design features for further development. This fall, David Watts, a faculty member in landscape architecture, is leading landscape architecture and construction management students as they work together to finalize the design and build the project.

“This unique opportunity to engage in teaching a design/build course epitomizes Cal Poly’s Learn by Doing motto and will enrich each of the students’ experiences and advance their future work as a professionals,” said Watts.

Paul Neel, emeritus professor and dean and a 1958 architectural engineering alumnus, is spearheading efforts to renew this important place. Through his outreach, the classes of ’63-’65 and ’79-’80 adopted the Legacies Courtyard as their class project and have assisted in raising $15,000 toward the project’s $50,000 budget.

Respecting the project’s framework completed in 1979, current CAED students are working to create a quality place for active learning and a passive refuge for students and faculty alike.

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