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RCRI Welcomes Eve Gruntfest 

Eve Gruntfest joins the Resilient Communities Research Institute  as a Professional Research Associate  2016-2017. Dr. Eve Gruntfest is a Professional Associate in the Resilient Communities Research Institute at Cal Poly. She is a geographer who has been working in the field of natural hazard mitigation for 40 years. Her career began with her Master's thesis research focused on what people did during the catastrophic 1976 Big Thompson Flood in Colorado. (Evegruntfest.com).

She has published widely and is an internationally recognized expert in the specialty areas of warning systems, flash flooding and integrating social science into atmospheric science. She is Professor Emeritus of Geography and Environmental Studies at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs after working as a professor in the department from 1980 until 2007. She is the founder of the Weather and Society * Integrated Studies movement (WAS* IS) and SSWIM (Social Science Woven into Meteorology). She also served as an NSF Program Director in the Geosciences Directorate.

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