CAED Former Returning Students

Former returning students are students who are no longer matriculated at Cal Poly (did not attend for three consecutive quarters and did not submit a request for official leave). Students can break their enrollment by choice in which case their status is indicates as ‘discontinued’, for disciplinary reasons, or by being formally dismissed through disqualification process.

Any former student interested in returning should contact the CAED Advising Center and discuss their return with a CAED Academic Advisor

CAED Former Returning Students in Good Standing

Former returning students in good standing are considered students who completed their last quarter at Cal Poly with GPA’s above a 2.0 and have no registration holds due to academic probation or administrative probation. These ‘discontinued’ students may be accepted back to their former majors upon completion of a readmission application and sending a one page letter addressed to the CAED Associate Dean for academic affairs. Former returning students must submit an application form to the Admissions Office (Building 1, Room 206).
Click here to print the undergrad paper application.

The readmission deadlines to return to the same major are:

  • Fall Quarter: July 1st
  • Winter Quarter: October 1st
  • Spring Quarter: February 1st
  • Summer Quarter: Closed


Former returning students in good standing may choose to apply to a different major at Cal Poly, but they will compete for a slot as a new transfer student within the new major. They will be required to meet the transfer requirements listed on http://admissions.calpoly.edu and must submit an application via CSU Mentor by the deadlines posted on the Admissions website.

CAED Former Returning Students Not In Good Standing

Students are considered not in good standing include those who were formally disqualified/dismissed from the university, those who left with one or more grade point averages below a 2.0 their last quarter at Cal Poly listed as an academic probation, and/or they have one or more registration holds due to academic or administrative probation.

Students who are formally disqualified/dismissed must meet the readmission criteria prior to returning to the College of Architecture and Environmental Design. Students who break their enrollment when they are not in good standing must also meet the readmission criteria that formally disqualified students must meet prior to returning to the College of Architecture and environmental Design.


Applicants may be considered for readmission to the College of Architecture and Environmental Design program after a minimum of one calendar year. Applicants must submit the following evidence to the CAED Associate Dean that they have increased the possibility of their academic success by:

  1. Satisfactory completion of a minimum of 22 semester units at another university or community college.


  1. Copy of the CAED Re-Admission Consideration Agreement made with their Department Head prior to leaving Cal Poly. This agreement identifies the specific courses, grades and academic goals they were to have completed while away from Cal Poly. All courses in the agreement require a minimum of a 2.750 GPA. *

Click here to print the CAED Re-Admission Consideration Agreement


  1. An unofficial transcript of courses and grades completed will be satisfactory for initial review. Any re-admittance is based on receipt of an official transcript.


  1. A one page letter addressed to the CAED Associate Dean of Academic Affair describing the time away from Cal Poly, that identifies what steps they have taken to gain an understanding of the career requirements of their major, and how they anticipate improving their academic performance upon returning to Cal Poly.


*Applicants who left Cal Poly prior to 2014 were not required to complete the CAED Re-Admission Consideration Agreement.

For more information regarding returning to Cal Poly please click the link below:


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