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Photograph of Bill Siembieda speaking

Professor Siembieda Gives Keynote Presentation on Rebuilding China, Japan

March 19, 2013


William Siembieda, professor of city and regional planning, delivered the keynote presentation at the International Conference on Rebuilding China, Japan after Disasters, November 15 at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. Siembieda’s talk, “More than Bread and Water: Risks, Transitions and Recovery from Large Scale Disasters,” focused on the physical, institutional and human dynamics of recovery and reconstruction. The conference examined best practices and lessons learned in reducing the socio-economic impact of disasters on vulnerable communities in China and Japan. FEMA officials also provided their perspective and discussed best practices with Siembieda. Siembieda is assisting FEMA in the development of a Community Recovery Planning Guide for use in the U.S. His international expertise is shared with students of his disaster resiliency planning courses at Cal Poly.

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