Printing from Mac

If you are having problems printing from Mac please see the the steps below.


1) Save your file as a flattened PDF no larger than 10MB or the job will take a long time to process. Be patient.

2) VERY IMPORTANT! Download your PDF file to the computer, DO NOT open it within the browser.

3) Right click your file and open it using Adobe Acrobat.


4) In the print dialog window, select either "Fit" or "Actual size" depending on assignment requirements; for scale to be accurate, select "Actual size". Make sure that the "Choose paper source by PDF page size" box is NOT checked or you will end up with a tiny image.

5) Click "Page Setup" and say "Yes" to the next dialog box.


6) Under "Format For" select the "PolyCard 005-308 Konica Minolta C308" printer. Select the appropriate "Paper Size" from the drop down menu. Click "OK."


7) Back in the print dialog, click "Printer" and click "Show Details."


8) Under the "Layout" drop down menu choose "Layout / Finish" to set the "Print Type."


9) Under the "Layout" drop down menu choose "Quality" to change "Select Color." Click "Print" and then click "Print" on the printer dialog window to send the job to the printer.


6)  Enter your Cal Poly Username and select Print and wait for the next OK window.

Pharos ID window

7)  If you accept the charge click OK and go to the release station and swipe your Cal Poly ID card. This window could take up to a minute to display your job depending on the file size so BE PATIENT. Your job will not be at the release station until you hit OK.

Click OK to accept cost

CAED Tech Team
Building 05, Room 105A
Email: caedtech@calpoly.edu
Phone: 805-756-2080


Last edited 02/07/18

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