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SPORTS: Molly Hunker & Greg Corso

5 PM Friday, March 1, 2019

SPORTS is the award-winning Syracuse, NY-based, multidisciplinary architecture and design collaborative of Molly Hunker and Greg Corso. The studio approaches architecture in a playful way by balancing rigor and research with amusement and curiosity. Deeply engaging, their work promotes fresh and unexpected experiences in the built environment. Since forming in 2010, SPORTS has designed and constructed a number of large-scale architectural installations and pavilions around the country – including the 2016 Ragdale Ring, the 2017 takepart | makeart mobile pavilion for the Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara, and the 2018 Passageways 2.0 public space in Chattanooga, TN.

SPORTS is the recipient of the 2018 Young Architect Award from The Architect’s Newspaper, a 2017 ACSA Faculty Design Award, and a 2017 Arch League Prize from the Architectural League of NY. Molly and Greg both received their March degrees from UCLA, and are currently both Assistant Professors at Syracuse University School of Architecture.

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