CAED Dean's Office Information

California Polytechnic State University
College of Architecture & Environmental Design

Building 05, Room 212
San Luis Obispo, California 93407-0280

Email: caed@calpoly.edu
Phone: 805.756.1311
Fax: 805.756.2765

Image of Christine TheodoropoulosDean

Christine Theodoropoulos, AIA, P.E.

Email: theo@calpoly.edu
Office: Bldg. 05-214A
Phone: 805.756.5916
Fax: 805.756.2765

Dean's Message

Image of Kevin DongAssociate Dean - Administration

Kevin Dong, S.E.

Email: kdong@calpoly.edu
Office: Bldg.05-215
Phone: 805.756.5371
Fax: 805.756.2765

Photo of Mark CabrinhaAssociate Dean - Academic Affairs

Mark Cabrinha, Ph.D.

Email: mcabrinh@calpoly.edu
Office: Bldg.05-214B
Phone: 805.756.5988
Fax: 805.756.2765


Photo of Mariam EmyanAssistant Dean - Financial and Data Assessment

Mariam Emyan, M.B.A, M.A.

     Email: memyan@calpoly.edu
     Office: Bldg. 05-216
     Phone: 805.756.1439
     Fax: 805.756.2765

Dean's Office Staff
Name Title Telephone Email Office
Ray Ladd Special Projects Coord. 805-756-7432 rladd@calpoly.edu 05-312
Kate Auslen Personnel Analyst 805-756-1414 kauslen@calpoly.edu 05-214
Shelly Steck Administrative Coordinator 805-756-1321 ssteck@calpoly.edu 05-212
Support Staff
Name title Telephone Email Office
Mitra Nafisi Senior Academic Advisor 805-756-1371 mnafisi@calpoly.edu 05-210
Emilie Sklarenko Academic Advisor 805-756-1625 esklaren@calpoly.edu 05-210
Josef Kasperovich Photographer/Media 805-756-1342 jkaspero@calpoly.edu 05-115
David Kempken Support Shop Mgr 805-756-2720 dkempken@calpoly.edu 21-136E
Tim Dieu Support Shop Technician 805-756-2108 tdieu@calpoly.edu 21-136E
Vincent Pauschek Support Shop Technician 805-756-2156 vpausche@calpoly.edu 21A-025
Computer Technicians
Name dept Telephone Email fax nr
Dan Feuerstein CAED 805-756-7000 dfeuerst@calpoly.edu 756-5986
Tammy James CAED 805-756-7000 tmjames@calpoly.edu 756-2270
Michael Salmon CM/ARCE 805-756-7000 salmon@calpoly.edu 756-6054
Stephen Spencer CAED 805-756-7000 sspencer@calpoly.edu 756-5986


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