Academic Probation

Probation and Disqualification Policy

Core Values/Guiding Principles

Every student admitted to Cal Poly should have the maximum opportunity to earn a Cal Poly degree. As a university, we provide layers of guidance to achieve this goal. When students find themselves in academic difficulty, we look to create pathways for success, preferably at Cal Poly. Our policies reflect this premise as much as possible. Many students face academic challenges at some point in their career. You are not alone!

Academic Probation

An undergraduate student is automatically placed on academic probation when the grade point average drops below 2.0. This grade point average applies to the current term, the Cal Poly cumulative, or the higher education cumulative. All of these GPAs are available for viewing at https://my.calpoly.edu/


Academic Disqualification

Undergraduate students will be placed on academic disqualification status if their Cal Poly cumulative GPA (CPSLO GPA) or their higher education GPA (Higher Ed GPA) falls below the following academic progress level GPA limits based on the corresponding academic progress levels (degree applicable work completed):

Academic Progress Levels:

Academic Progress Level GPA Limits:

Academic Progress Level IV (75.1%-100%):

1.950 Cal Poly Cumulative or Higher Ed GPA

Academic Progress Level III (45.1%-75%):

1.850 Cal Poly Cumulative or Higher Ed GPA

Academic Progress Level II (20.1%-45%):

1.700 Cal Poly Cumulative or Higher Ed GPA

Academic Progress Level I (0%-20%):

1.500 Cal Poly Cumulative or Higher Ed GPA


Student Success Clause

To allow for an adjustment period, first-time freshmen and new transfer students will not be placed in the academic disqualification status until the end of their first academic year, even if their GPA falls below the designated academic progress level GPA limits.

*More information about the Undergraduate Academic Probation and Disqualification Policy can be found here.


CAED Academic Probation Procedures

Students earning a 2.0 term GPA or less will be placed on academic probation automatically. Every student on academic probation in the College of Architecture and Environmental Design is required to participate in a structured intervention as a means of providing support to help ensure student success. Required interventions are listed below.

All CAED Students

  1. Meet Faculty Advisor or Department Head:

All students on academic probation will meet one-on-one with their departmental faculty advisor in order to develop an academic success contract that is specific to their individual situation.

Initiate the three quarter Academic Success Contract. This Success Contract should identify what courses students are taking for the current quarter, and the next two quarters and the anticipated grades students will earn in each of these courses. In addition to computing each quarter’s and Cal Poly Cum GPAs, students will need to identify strategies on how they plan to raise their GPA. Students will receive advising from faculty for major and the importance of support course grades which have placed them on academic probation. Please contact CAED Advising Center for a copy of the Academic Success Contract.


CAED Department Advising:


  1. Meet with an Academic Advisor in CAED Advising Center

Students are required to make an appointment to meet with a CAED Academic Advisor.

  • To review and receive approval of their Academic Success Contract.
  • To review the larger path to degree and make students aware of alternative paths.

Please email caedadvising@calpoly.edu to make an appointment or call 805-756-1325

Failure to meet with both a Faculty/Departmental Advisor to complete the Student Success Contract and the CAED Advisor will result in a registration hold on the student’s record.


First-Year Freshmen Additional Requirements

First year freshmen students on academic probation for the first time after fall or winter quarter must attend a “First Year Success” program (FSP), coordinated through the Mustang Success Center. FSP is in place to motivate and encourage students, not to punish them. Students will work with an academic coach whose sole goal is to see students succeed at Cal Poly and help them find their way in college.


Disqualification and Dismissal                          

Students whose GPA has placed them in the academic disqualification status are notified before the beginning of the next consecutive regular quarter. Disqualification is able to be appealed by the student. Disqualified students who do not appeal or whose appeals are rejected are dismissed and removed from all enrolled classes.

Dismissed students may request to establish a path to return to Cal Poly via an academic plan negotiated with their Department Head and Associate Dean, involving coursework and grade expectations at another institution.

All official notifications regarding disqualification will be sent to the Cal Poly email address of the student. It is the student’s responsibility to check their campus email account regularly.

Former Returning Students

Former returning students are students who are no longer matriculated at Cal Poly (did not attend for three consecutive quarters and did not submit a request for official leave). Students can break their enrollment by choice in which case their status is indicates as ‘discontinued’, for disciplinary reasons, or by being formally dismissed through disqualification process.

Any former student interested in returning should contact the CAED Advising Center and discuss their return with a CAED Academic Advisor

For more information visit our Former Returning Students page.

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