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5 PM Friday, May 31, 2019

BairBalliet is a joint design venture invested in architectural research in the form of both speculative and built projects. As designers we reference the current world around us, lean on a long history of precedents, and imagine what lies ahead in the form of two & three dimensional architectural projects.

BairBalliet's work has been exhibited internationally in the 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale and in various locations around the United States including New York(MoMA, Modern Museum of Art), Los Angeles (The Architecture & Design Museum), Detroit (Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit), Chicago (The Night Gallery) and Pittsburgh (Miller Gallery/Carnegie Mellon University).

Kelly Bair is co-founder of BairBalliet and an associate professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago’s School of Architecture. Bair is a graduate of University of Colorado at Boulder and the UCLA Department of Architecture and Urban Design.

Kristy Balliet is co-founder of BairBalliet and design faculty at SCI-Arc, the Southern California Institute of Architecture. Balliet is a graduate of Philadelphia University and the UCLA Department of Architecture and Urban Design.

Bair and Balliet are co-founders of Possible Mediums, a collaborative with Adam Fure and Kyle Miller. They published the Possible Mediums book in the Autumn of 2018.

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