Winter Hearst Lecture Series: Bradley Cantrell

Bradley Cantrell, Harvard School of Design

Feb 12, 2016

Bradley Cantrell is a landscape architect and scholar whose work focuses on the role of computation and media in environmental and ecological design. He currently serves as an Associate Professor of Landscape Architectural Technology and the Director of MLA Degree Program at Harvard GSD and is a TED Fellow​. 

Cantrell’s research and teaching focuses on digital film, simulation, and modeling techniques to represent landscape form, process, and phenomenology. His work in digital representation ranges from improving the workflow of digital media in the design process, to providing a methodology for deconstructing landscape through compositing and film editing techniques. His work in media has been recognized through a range of venues and has engaged both public and private clients.

Cantrell is the co-author of three books that focus on digital representation techniques and responsive technologies specific to the profession of landscape architecture. Addressing the synthesis of computation and ecology, Cantrell develops and designs devices and infrastructures that create complex interrelationships between maintenance, evolved processes, and environmental response. This approach specifically addresses the interface between old modes of representation and direct connections to ecological processes.

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