College of Architecture and Environmental Design Minors

A number of minors are offered within the College of Architecture and Environmental Design for students seeking to compliment or bolster their undergraduate major.  The following provides a list of the minors and links to their web pages.

Architectural Engineering Minor

Coordinator: ARCE Department
                         Phone: 805-756-1314
                         Office: 21-110

The minor is designed for students wishing to pursue a more in-depth education in structures. The coursework exposes students to analytical, design, and construction issues relevant to the structural design process. Students work with an advisor to develop a sequence of courses that focus on either structural design or structural analysis.  The program is tailored for students majoring in architecture, construction management, and civil engineering.  Enrollment is limited and acceptance into the program is dependent on the student’s performance in structure-related courses.  For architecture and construction management majors, it is recommended that applications be submitted prior to enrolling in ARCE 226.  Contact the department for additional information.

Click here for Architectural Engineering minor courses.
Click here for Architectural Engineering minor application.

Architecture Minor

Coordinator:  Jennifer Shields, ARCH Department 
                           Phone: 805.756.1362
                           Office: 186-A305

The Architecture Minor blends studies in aesthetics, culture, sciences, math, technologies and craft and their influences on the design and construction of buildings and spaces. Architectural constructs embody collective values and impact quality of life, affecting experiences at multiple scales, from the context of the individual to the expanse of cities, often over long periods of time. In this minor, students may choose courses in the categories of history and theory, architectural technology, architecture and society, or create a path around personal interests, but at least 50% of the courses selected must be upper division. The Architecture Minor welcomes students from all majors and is meant to provide an introduction to the discipline. 

Click here for Architecture minor courses.
Click here for Architecture minor application.

City and Regional Planning Minor

Coordinator: Cornelius Nuworsoo, CRP Department
                          Office:  21-117A

The minor provides students with an interdisciplinary understanding of the science and the art of city planning and its relationship with other environmental design professionals.  The student is provided with an understanding of how growth and change affect the physical, social, and economic aspects of the city, including the relationships among land use, transportation, housing, and the environment.  It includes courses that build skills in the preparation for students interested in gaining skills at creating visions of the future through participation in government, community, organizations, and private firms.  This experience enhances skills in disciplines that have linkages with cities, the build, and natural environments.  The minor provides the student with the knowledge, skills, and values that help people build better communities and cities. 

Click here for City and Regional Planning minor courses.
Click here for City and Regional Planning minor application.

Construction Management Minor

Coordinator:  Jenay Reynolds, CM Department
Office:  186-A100

The Construction Management Minor provides students an introduction to the body of knowledge expected of persons pursuing careers in the construction industry.  This minor will give a student a competitive edge when applying for certain jobs, by providing concepts, tools, and skills which will enhance one’s progress in a career in one of the professions involved in the built environment.  The Construction Management Minor is recommended for majors in architecture, architectural engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering.  Enrollment in the minor is limited, and selection will be made based upon the applicant’s performance in his or her major courses.

Click here for Construction Management minor courses.
Click here for Construction Management minor application

Cross Disciplinary Studies in Heavy Civil Minor

Coordinators: Philip Barlow, Ph.D., Construction Management Department
                           Phone: 805-756-6165
                           Office: 186-A302

                           Hani Alzraiee, Ph.D., Civil Engineering Department, CENG
                           Phone: 805-756-2413
                           Office: 13-268


The Granite Cross Disciplinary Studies Minor in Heavy Civil is a cross-disciplinary minor between the Construction Management (CM) Department in the College of Architecture and Environmental Design (CAED); and the Civil Engineering (CE) Department in the College of Engineering (CENG). This unique minor gives students in the CM program the opportunity to take CE courses and CE students to take CM courses in heavy civil design and construction not typically available to them. The heavy civil construction industry is a vast discipline which covers many areas of the design and construction industry including bridges, highways, industrial, geotechnical, water and waste water treatment, underground, etc. This minor includes three new courses that are specific to the heavy civil industry and are only offered to students enrolled in the minor. This minor will give the student the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in an industry that is positioned for strong growth and sustained employment opportunities for decades to come. This minor is sponsored by Granite Construction, the Beavers Charitable Trust and Caterpillar.

Click here for Cross Disciplinary Studies in Heavy Civil Minor courses.

Course requirements differ for construction management and civil engineering students. Please consult with the minor coordinators for your major.

Click here for a Cross Disciplinary Studies in Heavy Civil Minor application.

Landscape Architecture Minor

Coordinator:  David Watts, LA Department
                           Office: 34-212

This minor is designed for students who want to expand their knowledge of the role landscape architecture plays in the planning, conceptualization, and design of the natural and built environment. The program is structured to expose students to issues facing our society on global and local levels while reinforcing concepts of sustainability. From the perspective of landscape architecture, students will have the opportunity to either explore a variety of environmental issues or examine a specific topic area in greater depth. They will gain a clearer understanding of the interdisciplinary contributions, and leadership role that landscape architects take in addressing societal and environmental concerns.

Click here for Landscape Architecture minor courses.
Click here for Landscape Architecture minor application.

Real Property Development Minor

Coordinator:  Scott Kelting, CM Department
                          Office: 186–A100

This minor is designed for students who are interested in the built environment, and want to expand their knowledge of how projects get initiated, move through the development process, and then how they are managed after construction.

The program is designed to prepare students for entry-level employment with professionals engaged in real property development.  Courses include aspects of practitioners’ real world experiences and knowledge of state-of-the-art practices, techniques, and challenges. 

Students learn about the economic, design, environmental, and regulatory factors that influence housing, office, industrial, and commercial projects.  They gain a clearer understanding of how these factors impact green development, urban sprawl, place-making, and transit oriented development.

Click here for Real Property Development minor courses.
Click here for Real Property Development minor application.

Sustainable Environments Minor

Coordinator:  Joe Ragsdale, LA Department
                          Office:  34-216

This minor will educate students within the College in the principles and various aspects of sustainable environmental design with global, regional, and local perspectives and concepts.  It will provide students with the knowledge and abilities needed to integrate concerns for ecology, social equity, and economics within the context of human and natural resource systems and the built environment.

Click here for Sustainable Environments minor courses.
Click here for Sustainable Environments minor application.

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