Student Clubs

The College of Architecture and Environmental Design offers students a broad range of extra-curricular activities that provide a social network between students, a career network with industry and alumni, and volunteer opportunities to become better acquainted with peers, faculty, staff, and the local community. To enhance the success of your educational experience we have listed the clubs so you may contact them for more information.

NOTE: Club contacts are usually updated during Fall Quarter.
Clubs are listed alphabetically by university, college, and department.

University Clubs


Associated Students Inc. (ASI)
Club Services

The Board of Directors serves as the official voice of Cal Poly students. Board members are elected from each college. The 24 student representatives provide oversight for ASI corporate activity, voice student viewpoints, and act upon the opinions and concerns of students.

Meetings: Bi-Weekly beginning January 7 (full list of meetings can be found at http://www.asi.calpoly.edu/student_government/board_of_directors)

name Title Email
Tyler Lee CAED Director tlee61@calpoly.edu
Jocelyn Lu CAED Representative jlu09@calpoly.edu
Paul Ponciano CAED Representative pponcian@calpoly.edu


Empower Poly Coalition

The Empower Poly Coalition is a group of enthusiastic students and member clubs who work to foster a sustainable environment on our campus. Living sustainably implies that our generation leaves the next with an equal amount of resources. Empower Poly Coalition stands for human rights, a better environment, and healthy living.

Empower Poly Facebook site


Adrienne Greve

name title email
Daniel Hedden   dthedden@calpoly.edu
Natalie Montoya   nrmontoy@calpoly.edu
Katie Tinder   katietinder@icloud.com
Erika Wilson   ewilso15@calpoly.edu
Catie Michel   cbmichel@calpoly.edu
Marcel Mueller   mmuell04@calpoly.edu

Aungadt Walia

Nathan Jester   njester025@gmail.com
Rodrigo Rico   rdrico@calpoly.edu


Future of Real Estate (FRE)

The Future of Real Estate, is a university-wide, multi-disciplinary organization that offers students a venue to learn from experts in the real estate arena. Through guest speakers, field trips, and real-life experience, students gain knowledge that they apply to coursework, professions, and entrepreneurship. Additionally, FRE provides premier employment and internship opportunities to members in the field of real estate.


Future of Real Estate web site TBD.

name title email
Dustin Gabele President dustingabele@gmail.com
Jonathan Graisel Vice President jgraisel@calpoly.edu
Spencer Mills Director of Events smills360@gmail.com
Matt Schroyer Webmaster mschroye@calpoly.edu
Courtney Jacobson Student Council Rep. courtneyjacobson@pacbell.net
Carlos Krinsky Dir. of Finance & Membership carlos.krinsky@gmail.com
Farhaan Serang Director of Publicity fserang@calpoly.edu

*IMPORTANT: board members currently reflective of the 2015-2016 school year

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CAED Clubs

CAED Ambassadors Leadership Program

The CAED Ambassadors, founded in 2002, is an organization facilitating communication between students, faculty, alumni, the industry, and other individuals interested in the college. The ambassadors aid in CAED-sponsored events and serve as consultants for the CAED student body. Our goal is to encourage interdisciplinary activities and to build a reputation of being a reliable resource for the college. We are available to assist with college events such as meetings, conferences and college tours. New member candidates are invited to submit an application with a letter of reference.

If you have a general question you'd like to ask the ambassadors, please email: caed-tours@calpoly.edu. If you would like to get in contact with a specific ambassador, just enter the ambassadors name in the email subject.

Ambassador Program Application

Meetings: KTGY Gallery Conference Room, 21-105B, bi-weekly on Tuesdays at 11 am.


Ray Ladd

name title email
Cian Amor President camor@calpoly.edu
Audrey Bolesta Tour Coordinator abolesta@calpoly.edu

Construction Specifications Institute Student Club (CSI) or CSI Student Club

The Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) is a professional organization comprised of a cross section of architects, contractors, engineers, specifiers, material suppliers, and more. There are 146 chapters and more than 15,000 members.

CSI uses the diversity of its members to exchange knowledge and to help advance the process of creating and sustaining the build environment. The formats created by CSI are used as the standard for organizing and communicating information in the construction industry.

The Cal Poly chapter of CSI was founded in 1970 by a group of architecture students under the guidance of architect and professor, Jack Lewis. Lewis was a former CSI President and started the organization to allow Cal Poly students access to the diverse wealth of knowledge offered by CSI.

The Neel Resources Center (NRC), located in the architecture building, was started by the Cal Poly CSI chapter in 1970. Run by students and Fresno Chapter volunteers, the "CSI Library" was used to help students find plans, specifications, product information, and material samples for design projects and writing specifications.

At Cal Poly, we bring in product representatives and speakers to discuss new technology and issues concerning the construction industry. Cal Poly CSI also provides tours of buildings on campus as well as of local firms. There are plenty of networking and traveling opportunities as well — we’re always fundraising to send our members to the West Region Conferences and the annual CSI Convention.


Clare Olsen

CSI Local Facebook page
CSI National web site

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Design Build Institute of America (DBIA)

The Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Student Chapter of the Design-Build Institute of America is founded on the principles of integration and collaboration between all of the related disciplines of the Built Environment. We believe that regardless of major, year, previous experience, or background, everyone's voice has equal value at our table.

It is our main goal to simply increase communication (between all students, of all years, and all majors in the CAED and other related departments). We have many goals and can see this club being a part of many exciting things, but before ANY of that can happen we need to go back to the basics and we all know that the most basic and fundamental thing we can do is establish working relationships between all those in the CAED.

We envision this club to be completely shaped and purposed for and by the people who decide to give us their time. We have ideas for events, field trips, accreditation, competitions etc...etc...but none of that will come to fruition without the support of a solid base of students...ie YOU.

If you think integration is cool, if you have a desire to understand all sides of the Built Environment, or if you want to know what the heck the Built Environment is then this club will be worth your time!

Meetings: Tuesdays at 7 PM.


Paul Weber

name title email
Sarah De Los Reyes President sdelosre@calpoly.edu
Joseph Lofaso Vice President jlofaso@calpoly.edu
Trevor Nally Treasurer tnally@calpoly.edu
Remington Goodwin Secretary rjgoodwi@calpoly.edu

Design Village

The Design Village Club is responsible for designing, planning, and hosting the Design Village Competition. This annual competition, which is open to all Cal Poly students as well as competitors from other academic institutions, is held during Open House weekend in the College of Architecture and Environmental Design's outdoor Experimental Structures Laboratory, located in Poly Canyon. The Design Village Competition has a long history, and has become one of the most anticipated events of the year for the College of Architecture and Environmental Design. True to our College's long-standing educational emphasis on hands on, project-based learning, competitors work in teams to design and build inhabitable structures within the canyon, which they then occupy throughout the entirety of Cal Poly's Open House weekend.

Design Village web site

Meetings: "F-Stop" (Building 05, Rm 109), Mondays at 6 pm.


Dale Clifford

name title email
Dennis Johnston Co-President dejohnst@calpoly.edu
Kevin Yu Co-President kyu10@calpoly.edu
Jaine Evora Treasurer jcevora@calpoly.edu
Amy Han Secretary awhan@calpoly.edu
Kimberly Dung Outreach Coordinator  

Emerging Green Professionals (EGP)

USGBC Emerging Professionals are the energetic and dynamic leaders of tomorrow’s green building movement. The program is geared toward individuals out of school and under 30, but does not exclude anyone who may be interested. USGBC Emerging Professionals seek to engage all those who are interested in learning about and advocating for sustainable building practices. So who are Emerging Professionals? Certainly many are young architects and engineers, but they also include young lawyers, education and healthcare professionals, sustainability consultants, and anyone else interested in the future of green building.

EGP Web Site

Meetings: Every other Tuesday from 11am-Noon.


Scott Kelting

name title email
Jasmine Lomax President jlomax@calpoly.edu
Nicholas English Vice President naenglis@calpoly.edu
Adrian Tsou Treasurer adriantsou@yahoo.com
Miguel Diaz Director of Events/CAED Student Council Rep miguelthemustang@gmail.com

*IMPORTANT: board members and advisor currently reflective of the 2015-2016 school year


Student Council

Student Council membership is comprised of student representatives from student clubs and students in the College of Architecture and Environmental Design. The Council meets weekly to promote interaction and coordination among the clubs and organizations, to exchange ideas, mutual interests and activities. The Council also presents ideas, opinions, and concerns to the administration, the faculty of the College, ASI, and university. If you are interested in becoming involved or have questions regarding Student Council, please email caedsc@calpoly.edu.

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/caedstudentcouncil

Meetings: KTGY Gallery Conference Room in Engineering West, every other Tuesday at 6:10pm.


Mark Cabrinha

name title email
Danielle Summe Chair dsumme@calpoly.edu
Erin Murphy Vice-Chair esmurphy@calpoly.edu
Holly Hillegass Marketing hhillega@calpoly.edu
Sophia Abshire Treasurer/ Finance sabshire@calpoly.edu
Cory Ihnotic Event Coordinator cihnotic@calpoly.edu
Nathaniel Bowen Recruitment nbbowen@calpoly.edu
Michelle Iseli Open House Chair miseli@calpoly.edu

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Architectural Engineering Clubs

Structural Engineers Association of California (SEAOC)

The function of SEAOC is to provide students with exposure to the world of structural engineering in California through guest speakers, field trips, a day-long job seminar called Structural Forum, membership in a professional organization, and contact with employers. SEAOC is the only structural engineering based club in the CAED. SEAOC also offers a Big/Little Sibling program.

Cal Poly SEAOC Chapter Web Page
Meetings: A-lab Engineering West, Building 21, Thursdays at 11 am.


John Lawson

name title email
Aaron Cook President acook07@calpoly.edu
Kate Cuddington Structural Forum Chair kcudding@calpoly.edu

Society of Women Engineers (SWE) (ARCE & CENG)

The Society of Women Engineers of Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo strives to provide a voice for women that will encourage them to achieve their full potential as engineers and as leaders. It is our mission to create engineering opportunities, provide career and scholastic resources, and demonstrate the value of teamwork to all students of this university and of the community.

WEP Web Site

Meetings: Bonderson 104, Wednesdays at 6 pm.

SWE Counselor

Helene Finger

name title email
Rebecca Kandell President cpswepresident@gmail.com
Sarah Freesmann Secretary sarahfreesemann@gmail.com
Cheyenne Dimeo Treasurer (income) cpswetreasurer@gmail.com
Tess Giles Treasurer (expenses) cpswetreasurer@gmail.com
Melinda Ong VP of Community Outreach cpswevpoutreach@gmail.com
Angela Mariani VP of Corporate Relations cpswevpcorporate@gmail.com
Delaney Weidlein VP of Member Relations cpswevpmember@gmail.com
Bernice Liu VP of Public Relations cpswevppublic@gmail.com

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Architecture Clubs

Alpha Rho Chi

Alpha Rho Chi (APX) is a National Professional Fraternity for Architecture and the allied arts since 1914. The APX promotes the profession of architecture by encouraging students to excel and to be strong leaders and designers in the profession.

Web Site: Alpha Rho Chi

Meetings: Building 05, Rm 100, Sundays at 8:10pm


Tom di Santo

Ryan Brockett

name title email
Regan Dyer President radyer@calpoly.edu
Elena Villaescusa Pineda Vice President evillaes@calpoly.edu
Samantha Ihle Treasurer sihle@calpoly.edu
Ali McBride Superintendent aimcbride@calpoly.edu
Ziyi Wang Scribe zwang@calpoly.edu
Zackary Moore Clerk zkmoore@calpoly.edu
Ben Johnson Pledge Trainer bjohns49@calpoly.edu
Lisa-Marie Mueller Professional Director limuelle@calpoly.edu
Peter Williams Social Coordinator pjwillia@calpoly.edu

The American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS)

The AIAS is the country's largest organization for students of architecture, providing the best programs, information and resources available. The AIAS is the student affiliate of the AIA and your link to professionals in the fields of architecture and environmental design. The mission of AIAS is to promote excellence in architecture education, training, and practice; to foster an appreciation of architecture and related disciplines; to enrich communities in a spirit of collaboration; and to organize architecture students and combine their efforts to advance the art and science of architecture.

AIAS Email: aias.calpoly@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AIAS-Cal-Poly-390308461061945/


Greg Wynn

Central Coast Chapter President

Tom di Santo

name title email
Liam Hanlon President


Tori Hertz Past President torihertz829@gmail.com
Sharon Turek Vice President sharonroseturek@gmail.com
Carson Sumner Secretary sumnercarson@gmail.com
Crystal Ueno Treasurer chueno@calpoly.edu
Sydney Nguyen Events Coord. sydnguyen0@gmail.com
Ben Johnson Events Liason ben.nr.johnson@gmail.com
Brianna Aguilar Fundraising Coord. briannaguilar2@gmail.com
Danny Kim Marketing Coord. dannyfkpc@gmail.com
Renata Galan Marketing Coord. rgalanho@gmail.com
Jaynee Chwa Marketing Coord. jaynee.chwa@gmail.com
Maya Mashiach Historian mashiachmaya@gmail.com
Renu Varadheeswaran Freedom By Design Director renuka.vardheesh@gmail.com
Ricardo Hesse F-Stop Chair rihesse95@gmail.com
Deniz Karadere F-Stop Chair edeniz.karadere@gmail.com


National Organization of Minority Architecture Students (NOMAS)

NOMAS is the student branch of the National Organization of Minority Architects (NOMA). NOMA’s purpose is to champion diversity within the design profession by promoting the excellence, community engagement, and professional development of its professional and student members. NOMA is all about opportunity – members become part of a network of over 500+ professionals and over 50 student chapters nationwide. This extensive network provides members with opportunities to network and develop crucial professional relationships. The mentorship and support openly shared between the professional members and students is truly unique and often leads to internships and full time employment opportunities upon graduation.



Chandrika V. Jaggia 

name title email
Tunmi Da Silva President


Purvaa Goel Vice President pugoel@calpoly.edu
Kevin Porche Treasurer  
Marissa Donnely Secretary  
Sydney Nguyen Historian sydnguyen0@gmail.com


City & Regional Planning Clubs

Associated Students in Planning (ASP)

The Associated Students in Planning Club seeks to broaden the relationship between students interested in planning and the practitioners, professional organizations, and fellow students currently interested in planning. This includes expanding the network of students to prepare them for a career in the field of planning. The club is open to ALL majors who have an interest in planning (enviornmental, economic, transportation, urban design, etc...), with a special focus on students of the CAED. Club meetings will include professional skill building workshops, club trips and events, guest speakers, and socials. 

Website: http://www.calpolyasp.com/

Meetings: Dexter Bldg., Rm. 167 (next to the Subway entrance and elevator). Meets every other Thursday. See website for calendar. 


Name Title email
Torina Wilson President torinaw@yahoo.com
Rob Etter Vice President retter@calpoly.edu
Lauren Gaul CAED Counsel Representative laurengaul@gmail.com
Gabe Ward Treasurer gward@calpoly.edu
Alyssa Chung Secretary alyssa.chung1236@gmail.com
Lauren Gaul CAED Representative laurengaul@gmail.com
Willow Urquidi Student/ Faculty Representative waurquidi@gmail.com

Graduate Planning Student Association (GPSA)

The Graduate Planning Student Association (GPSA) is a graduate student organization based out of the Masters of City Regional Planning Department. We are a registered student organization under the University's Associated Students Inc. and the American Planning Association (APA). The purpose of the GPSA is to explore, promote, and support academic understanding, professional development, and the overall advancement of the field of city and regional planning. 



Cara Vereschagin President cveresch@calpoly.edu
Jennifer Hooper Vice President jlhooper@calpoly.edu
Justin Guan Treasurer guan@calpoly.edu
Caitlin Miller Social Chair cmille93@calpoly.edu
Shane Mahoney-Barnett communication Chair sjmahone@calpoly.edu
Daniel Harrison Profesional Development Chair dsharris@calpoly.edu

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Construction Management Clubs


Associated General Contractors of America (AGC)

Associated General Contractors, or also known as AGC, is a professional national organization for construction managers. Here at Cal Poly, we are supported locally by AGC Tri-Counties, within this clubs we host annual conferences, golf tournaments, monthly dinners, and scholarships. At these events CM professionals are given the opportunity to educate and meet students interested in the Construction Industry to grow there social network.

name title email
Marco Maffoli President mmaffiol@calpoly.edu
Marlo Castro Vice President mcastr17@calpoly.edu
Brittney Lerdahl Secretary blerdahl@calpoly.edu
Kelly Martz Treasurer kbmartz@calpoly.edu
Dan Leavens Events Coordinator dleavens@calpoly.edu
Will Leonard Pledge wjleonar@calpoly.edu



Paul Weber


Associated Students of Construction Management (ASCM) (AGC)

The ASCM offers students the opportunity to learn and be involved in the construction management profession, to network and develop relationships with potential employers, and meet fellow students. The student chapter upholds the ideals and standards of two sponsoring organizations - Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) and Associated General Contractors (AGC) - and share the same principles of skill, integrity, honor, and responsibility.


Club Emailascm.calpoly@gmail.com


Chad Richman - ASCM

Paul Weber

name title email
Cole Range President crange@calpoly.edu
Jimmy Materne Vice President jmaterne@calpoly.edu
Luke Ostrom Vice President lostrom@calpoly.edu
Richard Huang Executive of CM Finances rlhuang@calpoly.edu
Gary Hohbach Secretary ghohbach@calpoly.edu
Sherry Saroufeem Open House Chair ssaroufe@calpoly.edu
Kyle Fawley Gold Tournament Chair kyle.fawley@yahoo.com
Kasey Hetzel Spring Social Chair krhetzel@calpoly.edu
Alyssa Mathias Assistant Spring Social Chair amathias@calpoly.edu
Brendan Donovan Grill Master bgdonova@calpoly.edu
Ryan Weir Grill Master rmweir@calpoly.edu
John Pezzini Grill Master jmpexxin@calpoly.edu

Building Informational Modeling (BIM)

BIM stands for Building Information Modeling. BIM consists of various computer programs that can be applied to building design, construction, and management. Building Information Modeling is the future of the construction industry. The Cal Poly BIM Club would like to offer BIM advocates a place to hone their skills in preparation for the industry and develop a network of relationships with other interested students.


Elbert Speidel

name title email
Matty Reed President mdreed@calpoly.edu
Jose Oseguera Vice President jposegue@calpoly.edu
Marc Glaeser Treasurer mglaeser@calpoly.edu
Matthew Susank Secretary msusank@calpoly.edu

Construction Management Association of America (CMAA)

CMAA is North America's only organization dedicated exclusively to the interests of professional Construction and Program Management. The mission of CMAA is to promote and enhance leadership, professionalism, and excellence in managing the development and construction of projects and programs. CMAA is leading the growth and acceptance of construction management as a professional discipline that can add significant value to the entire construction process, from conception to ongoing operation. Membership in CMAA includes owners, engineers, architects, contractors, educators, students...everyone with a stake in the construction industry's success.


Troy Hart

Phil Barlow

name title email
Kevin Barry President klbarry@calpoly.edu
TBD Vice President  
TBD Secretary  
Alex Sargiss Treasurer asargiss@calpoly.edu

Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA)

The Mechanical Contractors Association of America, Inc. (MCAA) is a vibrant, growing association of approximately 2,300 mechanical, plumbing, and service contractors. Members enjoy MCAA's outstanding education programs, an expanding catalog of resources to help them manage and grow their businesses, periodicals and a web site to keep them informed and connected, and business services to save them money. MCAA's student chapter program gives students the opportunity to learn about the industry by attending regular meetings with their MCAA local affiliate sponsors, taking field trips to a variety of job sites and facilities, working together on volunteer projects, participating in fundraising events, and more.

MCAA web site


Greg Starzyk

name title email
A.J. Chamorro President achamorr@calpoly.edu
Austin Nelson Vice President anelso28@calpoly.edu
Richard Huang Treasurer rlhuang@calpoly.edu
Tyler Peinado Secretary tpeinado@calpoly.edu
Rocky Perrin College Council Rep rperrin@calpoly.edu

*IMPORTANT: club board members and advisor reflective of year 2015-2016.

National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA)

Student chapters are intended to introduce young members to the world of electrical contracting by exposing students to industry-related educational programs and helping arrange internships with local NECA-member contractors and field trips to NECA contractor's office and work sites. There are 21 student chapters nationwide.

NECA web site

Meetings: Quarterly, location TBA


Thomas Korman

Lonny Simomian, co-advisor

name title email
David Mulder President dsmulder@calpoly.edu
John Pezzini Vice President jmpezzin@calpoly.edu
Kent Beecham Treasurer kbeecham@calpoly.edu

National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Student Chapter

The NAHB Student Chapters program is dedicated to enriching the educational experience of students by offering them first-hand exposure to the real world of the residential building industry through NAHB membership, educational programming, and networking opportunities. 


Scott Kelting, Advisor

name title email
Scott Heath Captain sjheath@calpoly.edu
Eric Bet Co-Captain ebet@calpoly.edu
Ted Felix Team Member- Architect twfelix@calpoly.edu

*IMPORTANT: board members and advisor currently reflective of the 2015-2016 school year

Sigma Lambda Chi

The purpose of Sigma Lambda Chi is to recognize outstanding students in construction. Objectives include the rendering of service to the field of construction, the development of good relations among academia, industry, and the public, and the recognition of outstanding professionals in construction and allied fields.

Email Sigma Lambda Chi


Greg Starzyk

name title email
Austin Stewart President astewa11@calpoly.edu
Nick Halle Vice President nhalle@calpoly.edu
Matthew Stephens Treasurer msteph09@calpoly.edu
Jeremy Suryadi Mentorship Chair  
Tyler Lee Community Service Chair tlee61@calpoly.edu

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Landscape Architecture Clubs

Student Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects (SCASLA)

The ASLA student chapter is a student organization that is affiliated with the American Society of Landscape Architects. Our mission is to promote education, community involvement, student activities, a sense of spirit and pride, wise planning, and artful design of our cultural and natural environments. ASLA involvement is quite extensive -- from community clean-ups, Habitats for Humanity, Open House activities, garden show exhibits, national professional and student conference participation, interdisciplinary activities, and inviting guest speakers to share their knowledge.

Meetings: Lecture room in Dexter Buidling 34-252 on Thursdays 4-5 pm.

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2212662866/


David Watts

Christine Edstrom O'Hara

name title email
Channon O'Heir President sohehir@calpoly.edu
Nathan Torres Vice President ntorre05@calpoly.edu
Jamie Chafe Secretary jchafe@calpoly.edu
Tyler Reed Treasurer treed03@calpoly.edu
Johanna Mall Events Coordinator jmall@calpoly.edu
Emilio Uranga Public Relations euranga@calpoly.edu


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