2021 Hearst Lecture Series

January – June 2021

Cal Poly's College of Architecture and Environmental Design presents the 2021 Hearst Lecture Series. The 2021 online lecture series presents visionary thinkers and designers with a special focus on socially engaged and culturally expansive design practices. The lecture series is co-coordinated by faculty members Ellen Burke (LA), Dale Clifford (ARCH), and Ajay Manthripragada (ARCH), and is funded by a generous endowment from the Hearst Foundation. For more information contact the coordinators at eburke02@calpoly.edu, dtcliffo@calpoly.edu, and amanthri@calpoly.edu.


Ricardo de Ostos

Virtual | Webinar ID: 
Virtual | Webinar ID:

Charles Davis, Ph.D.

Sigrid Adriaenssens, Ph.D.
1 pm, Wed April 7th, 2021

Virtual |Webinar ID:


Alexa Bush

5 pm, Wed. April 21, 2021
Virtual | Webinar ID: https://calpoly.zoom.us/j/85311377717



ZUS (Elma von Boxel and Kristian Koreman)

1 pm PST Friday, May 14, 2021

Virtual | Webinar ID: 856 4778 9558

Brittany Utting and Daniel Jacobs / HOME-OFFICE

5 pm Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Virtual | Webinar ID: https://calpoly.zoom.us/s/88091659127








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