Students Envision Urban Design for San Clemente

San Clemente’s Planning Department engaged CRP faculty member Vicente del Rio’s graduate studio to work on an urban design vision to revitalize the South El Camino Real corridor in the coastal city.  

The project’s goal was to make the corridor more reflective of community needs, more appealing and safer to pedestrians and bicyclists, and better connected to  surrounding communities and the rest of San Clemente. Students assessed opportunities and constraints through field studies and interviews, an online survey with almost 150 respondents, an active project website, and a community meeting. 

The students proposed an ambitious streetscape transformation, including traffic-calming solutions, Class 1 bike lanes and public art; intense infill development, particularly vertical mixed-use projects; three anchor developments to serve as gateways and a community core; and new connections, including the redesign of the existing pedestrian bridge over Interstate 5. 

The students presented the final project in public meetings for the San Clemente City Council and Planning Commission.


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