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The Honored Alumni Award is the highest honor bestowed upon Cal Poly alumni by the university's Alumni Association, and was established more than 50 years ago. The award recognizes alumni from the university's six academic colleges. The Alumni Association also recognizes alumni through two distinguished awards, as well: The Cal Poly Alumni Association Distinguished Service Award and the Sandra Gardebring Ogren Leadership Award. Awardees are honored each year during Homecoming at the Honored Alumni Banquet.

The Cal Poly Alumni Association is now accepting your nominations for the Distinguished Service Award and Sandra Gardebring Ogren Leadership AwardsPlease submit by April 1 for consideration. 
For a complete list of past honorees: click here.

2019 Honoree: Kevin Conger

Image of Kevin Conger

Landscape Architecture, 1988

CMG Landscape Architecture, President and Founding Partner

Kevin Conger graduated with a degree in landscape architecture in 1988 and went on to earn a master’s in landscape architecture from the Rhode Island School of Design. He is the founding partner and president of CMG Landscape Architecture. His passion is creating democratic public space and improving the social and ecological wellbeing of our cities. Conger is an expert on the subject of sea level rise and lectures frequently on the issues of public space, ecology and design. He has led many of the CMG’s largest and most complex open space projects in the Bay Area including a rooftop park and the central space at two of Facebook’s Menlo Park campuses; the Treasure Island Redevelopment Project, re-purposing 480 acres of an old naval base; and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Sculpture Garden, a competition CMG completed with Jensen Architects. Currently he is part of a team developing plans to remake the Embarcadero for the San Francisco Seawall Project to address the danger of earthquakes and the likelihood of sea level rise. Conger is a fellow of the American Society of Landscape Architects (FASLA) and has been awarded a Seed Fund Fellowship for his commitment to creating more vibrant public spaces in San Francisco. At Cal Poly, he serves as a longtime member of the Landscape Architecture Department’s advisory board. Conger met his wife Nancy (B.S., Landscape Architecture ’88) at Cal Poly and their son Ren is a current Cal Poly student studying applied art and design.

Past Honored Alumni

2018 Phil Serna
2017 Doug Lowe
2016 Wendy Ornelas
2015 Scott F. Gaudineer
2014 Ted A. Hyman
2013 Paul H. Hamalian
2012  Jack A. Berridge
2011  David J. Gilmore
2010  James E. Grant
2009  Wally B. Gordon
2008  Rebekah G. Gladson
2007  Mark B. Haselton
2006  Brent Dickens
2005  Ken Stone
2004  Mark Montoya
2003  Peter Berg
2002  Milford Wayne Donaldson
2001  Emanuele Barelli
2000  Robin L. Rossi
1999  Eugene E. Cole
1998  Gerald G. Green
1997  Kenneth A. Rodriguez
1996  Donald W. Dreusike


1995  Thomas A. Sabol
1994  Ernesto M. Vasquez
1993  Dean M. Gelvin
1992  Jacque L. Keller
1991  Doug H. Austin
1990  Paul C. Crawford
1989  Christopher J. Smith
1988  M. John Vickerman, Jr.
1987  C. Nicholas Watry, III
1986  Michael A. Theilacker
1984  Deborah A. Weldon
1983  Ray Takata
1982  David A. Wright
1981  Lawrence L. Simons
1980  James R. McGranahan
1979  Ingeborg Rose
1978  Paul Neel
1977  Donald Bensen
1976  George Ikenoyama
1975  Roger Honberger
1974  Bernard Adams
1973  Joel Rottman
1972  Homer Delawie
1971  William Richardson


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